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Healthcare in mauritius

Travellers Guide: Tourist-friendly hospitals in Mauritius

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Healthcare in Mauritius Healthcare is free for the locals. If you don’t have a Mauritian residency, you will need to pay for medical services. Mauritius offers public and private hospitals, which are referred to as ‘clinics’ on the island. The…

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10 things not to miss in Mauritius

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Hailed as one of the major holiday destinations in the world, there’s no denying that Mauritius is a land full of wonders, with adventures to unearth in every corner. In spite of its small size, there’s always plenty to do…

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Do’s and Don’ts in Mauritius

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An idyllic holiday destination, Mauritius attracts an enormous number of visitors per year. With spectacular mountain ranges, gloriously green gorges and white silky beaches, this tiny island is surrounded by warm tropical seas that will only serve to enhance your…

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The best time to visit Mauritius

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Mauritius brims with sunshine all year long- including winter. With crystal clear lagoons and soft, silky stretches of beaches, this island is an ideal holiday spot especially because of its temperate climate and near-perfect weather conditions. Here’s what you need…

Getting around Mauritius

How to get around Mauritius

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Mauritius is such a small country that only stretches across an area of 2,040km², there are no trains or trams on the island. On the other hand, because Mauritius is so tiny, it’s surprisingly easy to get around: in fact,…