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7 Best Beach clubs in Mauritius for all-night happy time

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Surrounded by lagoons of sparkling turquoise blue, Mauritius has the distinct advantage of placing you close to the sea. If there’s one other thing that Mauritius is known for, it’s undoubtedly the vibrant nightlife that the island offers. Anyone who’s been…

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9 Best cafes in Mauritius: Where to get your cup of Joe

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As tiny as it might be, there’s definitely no shortage of cafes and tea shops in Mauritius. In fact, both tea and coffee are absolute staples in the Mauritian diet with most locals claiming that they just can’t make it…

Best family-friendly in Mauritius

Best kid-friendly restaurants in Mauritius

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One of the best things about Mauritius is that it has an extended range of things to do and explore. More importantly, Mauritius’ multicultural aspect means that you can enjoy different types of dishes, both local and international. Kids may…


11 Best restaurants in Port Louis

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There’s no denying that Mauritians love to eat, considering the impressive variety and fusion of dishes on this relatively tiny island. The best thing about Mauritian cuisine is that it perfectly reflects the country’s multicultural diversity. To sample the most…

What to eat in Mauritius

What to eat in Mauritius

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A multi-cultural island, Mauritius harmoniously blends cuisines from all over the world, adapted to the islander’s personal tastes. Because of the blend of cultures, there’s always something new to try and discover. While European, American and Asian dishes are available…

Things to know before you travel with kids in Mauritius

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What to eat? Where to go? What to do? Is it safe? Travelling with little ones raises thousands of questions. Fret not, below is what you need to know to about Mauritius’ kid-friendliness. Child-friendly meals in Mauritius First of all,  don’t worry…