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Do’s and Don’ts in Mauritius

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An idyllic holiday destination, Mauritius attracts an enormous number of visitors per year. With spectacular mountain ranges, gloriously green gorges and white silky beaches, this tiny island is surrounded by warm tropical seas that will only serve to enhance your…

Mauritius culture

Cultural Activities in Mauritius

Mauritius is a multicultural island. You will find locals of various backgrounds as well as immigrants from all over the world here. As a result, the island is bursting with cultural activities that will help you discover Mauritius in its…

Sing and dance traditional Sega in Mauritius!

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When you are in Mauritius, chances are that you will come across some exciting, upbeat music and people dancing to the cheerful tunes. Oh yes, Mauritians¬†enjoy singing and dancing, and especially Sega! Check out what Sega is about and where…