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The best time to visit Mauritius

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Mauritius brims with sunshine all year long- including winter. With crystal clear lagoons and soft, silky stretches of beaches, this island is an ideal holiday spot especially because of its temperate climate and near-perfect weather conditions. Here’s what you need…

Getting around Mauritius

How to get around Mauritius

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Mauritius is such a small country that only stretches across an area of 2,040km², there are no trains or trams on the island. On the other hand, because Mauritius is so tiny, it’s surprisingly easy to get around: in fact,…

Diving in Mauritius

Diving in Mauritius: the most scenic diving spots in Mauritius

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In 2015, Mauritius was awarded the highly-coveted “Best Indian Ocean Diving Destination” and for good reason. With exceptional sights such as optical illusions shaped like underwater waterfalls, this island perfect for anyone who wants to indulge in diving and snorkelling….

Family-friendly Accommodation in Mauritius

Family-friendly Accommodation in Mauritius

While Mauritius is one of the world’s smallest islands, it is bustling with culture, charm and the type of scenery that never fails to take your breath away. Thus, this sun-kissed island is one of the most popular destinations for…

5 Best budget accommodations in Mauritius

Bursting with culture, charm and picturesque scenery, Mauritius has everything to accommodate tourists from all over the world. While it is mainly famous for its luxurious and internationally reputed hotels, Mauritius can also cater to travellers who are on a…

Luxurious accommodations in Mauritius

With untamed beauty, Mauritius attracts thousands of visitors every year, especially because of its silky soft beaches and sparkling seas. While the island caters to every budget, if you want a luxurious stay, Mauritius will pamper you to your heart’s…

Mauritius culture

Cultural Activities in Mauritius

Mauritius is a multicultural island. You will find locals of various backgrounds as well as immigrants from all over the world here. As a result, the island is bursting with cultural activities that will help you discover Mauritius in its…

Le Morne Brabant Peak

Best treks in Mauritius

Mauritius normally goes arm-in-arm with relaxation, sand, sea and laziness. However, this island also offers quite a lot in terms of energetic activities. In fact, there are plenty trekking sites for you to appreciate the rugged beauty of the island….