Sing and dance traditional Sega in Mauritius!

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When you are in Mauritius, chances are that you will come across some exciting, upbeat music and people dancing to the cheerful tunes. Oh yes, Mauritians enjoy singing and dancing, and especially Sega! Check out what Sega is about and where to watch a performance. 


This style of music originates from African people brought to Mauritius as slaves. Joy and suffering impregnate these Creole songs, which are accompanied by traditional creole instruments: ravanne, maravanne and metal triangle. The dance involves a lot of swinging of the hip and the rest of the body.

Ti-Frère and Cassiya are some of the most well-known Sega artists in Mauritius. Here’s how Sega looks like:

You can see a live Sega performance at BamBou Restaurant.


Coming from Jamaica, Reggae also appeared on the island owing to its strong similarities with Sega.


Reggae and Sega are merged to create Seggae! This movement was invented by Kaya in the 80s, who used peace and tolerance as themes for his songs. Very popular in Mauritius, Seggae brings generations closer together.

While in Mauritius, tune your radio to Radio Moris or Radio One and listen to some Sega or Seggae songs to experience the true Mauritian atmosphere!

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